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Banned for open posse

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Im adding my name to the list of people that got banned for having their posse open and getting hit by one of the feather people. In my case it was alligator teeth. Bought the ultimate edition and everything. A thousand hours in GTAO and plans to do the same for this gone because a guy clicked a tooth a thousand times. He knew what he was doing to, said have fun getting banned and called me and my posse [email protected]&s.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    So I was suspended 30 days and my character deleted because someone in my  posse used the infinity donate glitch to level up his trader rank! I was rank 75, I had everything I wanted, I did not need to use a glitch  .The funny thing is the other player did not get suspended! What are you doing rockstar?


    Only have one thing to say about the matter.

    Rockstar releases a game that has a glitch, people use the glitch, those people don;t get banned. People that lead a Posse do get banned. Explain to me why it’s not the clicking *** that gets banned but the guy leading a posse?

    I’m sure 90% of the posseleaders are in cahoots with donator but it’s a complete fail to only ban the posseleaders and not the ones actually cheating.
    It’s like hanging a guy that watched and did nothing at a murder scene. And the actual killer?  he can move along. and go kill someone else.

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