How to play Bayonetta 3 on PC? (ANSWERED)

I want to play Bayonetta 3 on PC! Played the first one – a complete delight. Now the second and third parts are next. But I wanted to ask beforehand, is it possible to play the third one on a PC? As I understand it, I have to do some insane stuff for the 2nd one to work on PC… I guess I’ll have to do the same with Bayonetta 3, huh?


Can I play Bayonetta 3 on PC? The answer is yes, you can. But it is important to understand that Bayonetta 3 was only released on the Nintendo Switch console, so it has not been released on PC. And, frankly speaking, the latter is unlikely to happen in the next few years.

You can play Bayonetta 3 on PC by using… Nintendo Switch emulators. yuzu and Ryujinx are the most popular and the most stable Switch emulators. They provide you with great picture quality and high FPS in Bayonetta 3, but only if you have a high-performance PC.

What kind of PC are we talking about? Well, system requirements vary from emulator to emulator, but as a rule, the user needs to have at least a 4-core CPU, 8GB of RAM and a video card not lower than GTX 1050.

And of course, to emulate Bayonetta 3 you will need a legal (or not so) copy of the game itself. Where to get a copy of the game is entirely up to you.

Please DO NOT download the PC version of Bayonetta 3 from some suspicious web sites! This version simply does not exist, at least at the moment.

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