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Beta week reward

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 I was told that if you played yesterday you receive the reward of $250 and 15 gold bars but I have still not received that reward

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  1. I got my gold but not the $1000 I have the ultimate rdr2 to!


    Just wondering if you create a new character do you get the bonus again?


    This is from the official Rockstar news:As an added thank you for playing and helping us through the beta period, we’re also awarding everyone that joined in to play the Red Dead Online Beta at any point through midnight PST today with a gift of RDO$250 and 15 Gold Bars. Gifts should start arriving today and will hit all eligible players by Friday, December 14th.So, it should roll out and be given to anyone eligible to get the gift by the 14th of December at latest 🙂

    Hi. I played on the 6th and went online and was told I had been given 15 gold bars and $250 (in Alert format) but I don’t have it. Is it the case that we are told that we got it then have to wait? Or is there an error for me? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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