How to Fix Black Screen in Deep Rock Galactic?

When launching Deep Rock Galactic, a black screen appears. I can’t even hear or see anything. Already reinstalled, and updated my Windows – nothing helps. I’m thinking to give up and go on to something else, but maybe someone has experienced the same issue. Can you suggest something, maybe?


Black screen in Deep Rock Galactic is not a new issue, and the developer has been aware of it for a long time. Moreover, the developer even posted useful instructions for players to get rid of the black screen. Try to do the following:

  • close Deep Rock Galactic completely;
  • open your Steam game library;
  • click on Deep Rock Galactic and select “Properties…”;
  • click on the General settings tab;
  • enter the value -disablemodding in the launch options line;
  • run Deep Rock Galactic and check for the problem.

And no, the -disablemodding command will not disable the mods you have installed – at least that’s what the developer claims.

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