Black screen when starting a new game in Cult of the Lamb

I have Windows 10 and all my drivers are up to date, but still ran into a black screen issue with Cult of the Lamb.

When I start a new game, it shows the initial text about the one who is waiting and the crown on two eyebrows. Upon loading, a black screen appears with a darker black bar at the bottom and what looks like a gust of wind animation that sometimes appears on top of it. At the moment it seems that I can move the character when I use my controller. But obviously I can’t see anything, so I exited by pressing Alt-F4.

When I go into settings, a lot of text is jumbled up. Looks like encoding from game files instead of words describing options.

Once I’m in the settings menu, I can’t exit. It looks like it’s back to keyboard control, even though I’m using a controller, but neither the keyboard nor the controller let me exit the menu. The only thing I can do is Alt-F4.

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