Bought yesterday 150 fold bars and did t get it…

Hey I bought on Tue the 16.10.19 (yesterday) 150 gold bars  For 50$ on PlayStation store and I didn’t get it yet.. I tried restarting my game, my ps4 and nothing still didn’t get the 150 gold bars, also sent a ticket and rockstar didn’t answer yet.
I will be glad for some help 🙂

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Hey, this happened to me today. Originally spent $29 AUD and didn’t receive any gold bars. I tried it again because I thought it was my Xbox glitching. Nope.

So I’ve spent up to $60 AUD and haven’t received any gold bars on my end at all. I’ve sent a ticket but am worried because it seems no one is getting a resolution
No tickets are getting answered for me at this casino update timely at all. Was like 2 weeks and then once they respond the back and forth takes a few days each time for a response. I don’t get it myself, I found the gta casino rather empty and uninteresting and now dispatch repo AND casino missions are clogging up the regular mission menu.