Bounty hunter and collector roles are not free

I redeem the gifts of twitch prime and i collected all the cards in gta and i still don’t have the roles for free, i spent 15 gold bars for bounty hunter license, i ask for a refound, thanks rockstar

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I did collect all the black jacks cards in GTA V online and I had to pay 15 gold bars to earn the collector role in Read Dead. I can send my username and some picture with the special casino smoking (the red one) in gta. Also, I would like to be refund on my Rdr2 online account. Thank you. ================================== I had to pay 15 GOLD bars for for the collector role in red dead online but it should be free as i did the 54 cards in gta. Do i get a refund for this? ============================= Finally hours… Read more »