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Bounty Hunter License

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Ive seen that  Tweet on twitter All eligible accounts can now claim the Bounty Hunter License free in Red Dead Online. Thank you for your continued patience.
but for me on Xbox one i still need to pay 15 golden what do i need to do bcs im a Twitch prime memeber since 6 september and i stil have no accses for the Bounty hunter lisence what can i do ? i i’ve send a ticket to support but damn it says 72 hours for Rockstar to give me a respond…

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  1. Same here. My ticket was closed as I was told this was resolved. It hasn’t been resolved.

    They responded me . They are Very sorry But They can’t give me backThe 15 Golden bars that i spent To have It.  They told me that The The second requisit To have It(The license ) fors free is To collect The 58 cards on gta online.  That isn’t True.  Anyway,  They also told me that if i want them Back i have To play gta online but i don’t have It.  What pieces of ***.  I have no words To describe all this Mountain of ***.  They are thieves

    Ahhh . Understand . Ticket is when choose what is The problem,  write The description and The other things and At The end send. Ok . But there’s a problem : i write them Three times and only in italian cause i’m in italy.  I’ll wait.  I Hope on this Reimbursement.  I use those golden bars on The 10 september, i have The accord of twitch prime already and the deadline was on 8 september so…… i Hope

    just open a ticket by contacting support they wil do a Reimbursement for your 15 golden if you paid ingame while you had it normaly free bcs od Twitch prime you might have to wait 24-72 hours before a respond

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