Bounty Hunter license glitch

At some point I received a Bounty Hunter license in the lockbox at the camp, it said it was from a catalogue order, (I never made an order for one) when I tried to collect it, I was prompted to pay gold so I rejected because I couldn’t afford it. I used the “collect all” feature at some point and I guess it ended up in my inventory. So now for all intents and purposes except advancing the role I have a bounty hunter license. I can receive bounties from the board but not get any xp or payment for them. I contacted Rockstar well over a week ago now and they haven’t even addressed my ticket. Is there any other workaround for this? There’s no mission or prompts on the bounty boards, is there any other way to buy a license or reset my progress?

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This has been a problem for me since mid December. I’ve raised two tickets, still heard nothing back.

I have Twitch Prime, that must have been where the delivery came from. Weirdly it still prompted me to pay when I tried to collect just the license. Classic R*.

It’s the same with me. On one ticket where I mentioned “Twitch” and “Prime” I got a standard 08/15 answer to problems with Twitch-Prime-Rewards. My actual problem was not addressed.I have now added in the ticking what it is about. Let’s see if and when I will get an answer. And if this one is good for somethin

I have the same issue and the same traitement from Rockstar… Way to go Rockstar.Not even a “We are working on it”.

If you received it for free from Twitch Prime, it will be bugged and won’t give you any role XP.
My friend has that exact issue and Rockstar have yet to fix it or even reply to tickets regarding that matter. I guess you’ll just have to wait until Rockstar says something.