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Bounty hunter license

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Connected my account a while before PC version launched, didn’t get the license in PC, but it did give em ammo and a message that the twitch prime was connected. Am I going to get it still? Is it dead, whats the deal here?

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  1. The free bounty hunter license is missing for me on red dead online. I really want to know why? I played on the 4th and I am still playing and still can’t get it.


    I was really happy when you said you guys were giving away a bounty hunters license for free just for logging on on the 4th because they’re so mildly over priced and I shouldn’t have to pay real money to get it and I’m not doing your daily challenges that give jack *** I got on and approached the bounty board but I still have to pay 15 gold bars for it? Absolutely ridiculous fix this


    EDIT: I got it! If you go t the board and ‘buy’ the license it should say 0 gold, which means it’s there. Really hidden, no indication you’ve gotten it. Good luck everyone!

    Yeah me too! I wonder why they answer only few of us…

    I sent them a message a week ago and still haven’t heard anything back.

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