BSOD due to HDAudBus.sys file – what to do?

Good afternoon! I need help with a blue screen of death that points to HDAudBus.sys. I also have LatencyMon to blame for it, as I was trying to fix some strange buzzing in speakers and headphones. What is this file and how to reinstall it?


Hello! Based on our knowledge of the problem, we can advise you to perform the following simple steps:

  • Update Intel Xe Graphics and HD Audio drivers. Their version must match. Most often, the error appears if one of them is updated, and the second is not.
  • Uninstall Nvidia audio driver completely. You will not be left without sound, since you can put another audio driver in the system. Often there is a conflict, for example, if the HD Audio Driver for Display Audio is also installed. You should switch to using only one of the listed drivers.
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