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BUG Report(PC)

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1. When killed by the player, the effect of “hawkeye +” will cease to work.

PS: After some testing, it was found that this BUG would be triggered whenever death occurred in a hostile situation.

2. When i enter individual or team competition , The effect of the saddle and stirrups will cease to work.

PS:I have two horses, and the other one has no saddle, has been sitting the stable, has not been used.  So, I don’t know if this is relevant, whether or not this is a BUG for sure.

3. When I call for a wagon on some non-road terrain, it will not appear if there is no road nearby. However, if this situation has been triggered once before, there is possibility that next time i summon a wagon on the road, i may not succeed.

4. Every time enter a new OL game, may lose my camp and fail to build a new camp.

All mentioned BUG can be solved by moving into a new OL game, but it’s too much trouble.

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  1.  from repored bugs, this game is not PC ready, it has so many issues rockstar can’t or will not fix them all.. they are still fixing GTA5 FFS, I also think their team is either incompetent or don’t care as long as people are spending money.  classic rockstar $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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