Bugs Bugs and more Bugs

 I hit level 200 last night. Whoopi LOL. I’m done with this game it’s too frustrating not fun anymore. Riding around for hours and not seeing any animals at all is ridiculous. I am sure a lot of people are going to say well get into a solo lobby! BS you shouldn’t have to do that crap this should be fixed by Rockstar! Trying to deliver a full wagon that takes a week to fill with animals from Crips. Only to be attacked by a bigger posse losing all of my goods ridiculous.Especially Camps showing on the map and you go there and it’s not there if you could get one to spawn. Going to the moonshine shack no one is there can’t do anything when you get in no missions no production nothing.
Rockstar fix the stuff or I’m not going to be the only person that’s leaving this game.

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