Can play series missions, but still cant free roam…what gives l?!?

So I’ve owned RDR2 Special Edition on xbox one since its release date…and have been attempting to play RDO since its beta conception. I remember during beta that I was able to start up and create my character…but after those beginning stages…I’m still given the legendary 20010006 code EVERY single time I try to free roam. I get the same code when trying to play in different series events…but to much persistence, I’m able to enjoy a a series game after several attempts and error code screens. So what gives? Why am I able to play series games and earn experience, but cant go into free roam modes? I’m currently attempting to put every “port forwarding” entry into my router that I can find, with no recent success…..this sucks man. It’s like throwing crap against the wall just to try and play your favorite game. Preordered the game over a year ago…just to be continually let down…I’m about to go back to playing Borderlands 3 or something. Lol

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