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Can play series missions, but still cant free roam…what gives l?!?

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So I’ve owned RDR2 Special Edition on xbox one since its release date…and have been attempting to play RDO since its beta conception. I remember during beta that I was able to start up and create my character…but after those beginning stages…I’m still given the legendary 20010006 code EVERY single time I try to free roam. I get the same code when trying to play in different series events…but to much persistence, I’m able to enjoy a a series game after several attempts and error code screens. So what gives? Why am I able to play series games and earn experience, but cant go into free roam modes? I’m currently attempting to put every “port forwarding” entry into my router that I can find, with no recent success…..this sucks man. It’s like throwing crap against the wall just to try and play your favorite game. Preordered the game over a year ago…just to be continually let down…I’m about to go back to playing Borderlands 3 or something. Lol

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