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Can someone please help me pass a mission?

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I am playing through GTA SAN ANDREAS on the android and o breezed through what is meant to be the hardest mission ever, SUPPLY LINES, and yet I’m stuck dead on what is supposed to be a really simple mission, Pier 69. I have tried for about 7 hours but no matter what I do I can’t kill all the 6 men with the sniper rifle in the designated time limit. I am always off by a few seconds.
It has stopped being a fun challenge and now just become annoying and I just want the mission over! I have never used these boards before is there some way I can upload my cloud save here and a kind person could just pass the mission for me Because I am at my wit’s end and don’t know what else to do! Help please!
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  1. You could watch a mission guide on youtube. There may be a trick you have not seen.
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