Can you do some cheat-detecting measures?

I’ve met cheaters several times.
They teleported, the boomed my horse, I even lost my horse lamp after they bombed my horse.(I don’t know why, I need to purchase it again).
today’s cheater I met, he’s ID is :SISHENWEI
Please do something about this situation.

When can you add some cheat-detecting measures to this game, so we could all have a better gaming experience.

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good greeting. I am facing a lot of people (hacker) cheat in Red Dead game Please solve these problems or only a lot will leave this beautiful game. =============================== So you’re saying that a R* game is a modding dumpster fire? Who would have thought that? Only anyone that has ever played a R* game on PC. How can anyone be surprised by this? =================================== If it does not affect their ability to sell micrograms actions Greedstar does not care. Red Dead Online will be the same modder infested dumpster fire that GTA online has been for the past 5… Read more »