Cannot make my new horse Active.

I went to the stable in Strawberry and realized about the free Arabian horse. After selling my current horse to free up my space for a new one, I purchased the Arabian horse, named it, etc.

The issue I’m having is that I cannot make the horse active. In the stable when I view my horse, the Active horse button is grayed out, not giving me the option to select. And when I’m out of the stable, using the interactive menu instead to manage my horses, I am not given the option to make the Arabian horse active as well.

And when I whistle, I’m only able to use the scanny hag since I’m essentially without a horse.

So, is this some kind of bug or glitch? I’m not sure if there’s some kind of cool down time or anything, but regardless of what the issue may be, I’m hoping this problem can be resolved. Red Dead Online is only in it’s Beta stages so I’m hoping this is an issue I encountered early.

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