Can’t access my ultimate edition bonuses in Red Dead Online?

I can’t access my ultimate edition bonuses in Red Dead Online?  I bought the ultimate edition and didn’t get them. BTW I play on Xbox. Also I still have the bonuses  in  story mode.

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========================== Help i can’t get my online bonuses ============================ That’s what happens for trusting R*. They never get anything right. wtrjet:This is ridiculous i spent extra money and I just want it to work if they could fix it that would be much  obliged ===================================== I was able to get mine but each of my twin boys can’t access there’s oh, I don’t know if it’s because they didn’t get on until the weekend and it was only available on that Tuesday that it opened but just outside of Rome cool that they can’t access any of their things ==========================================================… Read more »

its just a game. atm the ps4 crashing alot. we cant even farm after everyone got access.  cant see where you want to go with your topic.. learn the game as everyone else. some day you might become that guy who got everyhing in rd2 ===================================== its called EARLY ACCESS for those who bought the Ultimate Edition. ..if u know its only a beta why complain about it. and keep replying your own topic.i got the ultimate edition on ps4. im using the same rifle as i got even i started. its much better. ..maybe you should try another game… Read more »