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Can’t access red dead online beta

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I opened Red Dead Redemption 2 and received the message saying the Online Beta is available for me to play now. Yet when I open the online menu it still says coming soon.

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  1. We have a Support article that may help with that. Please see:


    I tried to connect online on Xbox One Edition I’ve Red Dead Redemption 2 it won’t let me after I do them the intro goes to error code all the time I tried my internet service they said it has to be in your service yours if you would get picture I would appreciate it where I can connect thank you


    When are you guys going to fix the disconnection problem for the PS4 for rdr2 online beta every time I try to get on I get the same thing Rock star game services error 0x20010006 please help me I have been a supportive customer for years thank you


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