Can’t becaome a tader bug (PC)

I started playing rdr2 online and got to level 15 with just story missions and stranger missions, I wanted to start a role and got recommended the trader. I looked up how to become one and did the following: read the letter from Cribbs (which I had picked up in the beginning of the game but never bothered to read before this point, and yes I have read it now not just looked at it), and then expected a yellow marker on the map for the Cribbs cutscene which to my luck it did not. How come this is happening to me?

Some questions that I can answer in advance of your wonderful advice:
1. Yes, I’ve read the letter from Cribbs.
2. Yes, I have a camp set up.
3. Yes, I’ve visited every general store on the map to see if the Cribbs cutscene will happen, and the answer is no.
4. No, I’ve not been in the Cribbs cutscene before.
5. No there is absolutely no option to buy the butcher table at Cribbs in my camp, yes I’m sure.
6. Yes, I’ve restarted the game multiple times.
7. Yes, I’ve tried going to the main menu and selecting the trader from there and the problem is that I already have the letter so I can’t get a new one from the post office and my letter does not work.
8. My letter is called “Letter from Cribbs”.

I would assume that this is a bug from Rockstar’s side so I’ve also sent them a ticket about it but have not received an answer in 4 days by the time writing this. I figured if someone on here has encountered the same issue it would be highly appreciated if you could try and help a fellow cowboy out, and hopefully make this post an answer to other fellow cowboys aswell! 🙂

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