Can’t becaome a tader bug (PC)

I started playing rdr2 online and got to level 15 with just story missions and stranger missions, I wanted to start a role and got recommended the trader. I looked up how to become one and did the following: read the letter from Cribbs (which I had picked up in the beginning of the game but never bothered to read before this point, and yes I have read it now not just looked at it), and then expected a yellow marker on the map for the Cribbs cutscene which to my luck it did not. How come this is happening to me?

Some questions that I can answer in advance of your wonderful advice:
1. Yes, I’ve read the letter from Cribbs.
2. Yes, I have a camp set up.
3. Yes, I’ve visited every general store on the map to see if the Cribbs cutscene will happen, and the answer is no.
4. No, I’ve not been in the Cribbs cutscene before.
5. No there is absolutely no option to buy the butcher table at Cribbs in my camp, yes I’m sure.
6. Yes, I’ve restarted the game multiple times.
7. Yes, I’ve tried going to the main menu and selecting the trader from there and the problem is that I already have the letter so I can’t get a new one from the post office and my letter does not work.
8. My letter is called “Letter from Cribbs”.

I would assume that this is a bug from Rockstar’s side so I’ve also sent them a ticket about it but have not received an answer in 4 days by the time writing this. I figured if someone on here has encountered the same issue it would be highly appreciated if you could try and help a fellow cowboy out, and hopefully make this post an answer to other fellow cowboys aswell! 🙂

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I’m having the same problem but in my situation I was in the middle of reading Cripps letter for the first time and the online server crashed or had an error either way it’s R*’s fault. When I jumped back into a server the mission had not started and could not be found on the map and rereading the letter did nothing. I’m considering deleting my character…


I’m experiencing the same problem with my PS4. Write a ticket to support but no luck. So I stopped playing Red Dead Online even I had bought gold bars 2 times.

i did wrote to rock star support team and deleted my character, then i started to play from the beginning. now i can access the cribbs missions and moonshine missions. also i got the  compensation which is 1000$ and  25Gold Bars.  its wonderful  but if you are an high level player its very painful to play it from the beginning. i wish rock star will fix this bug and all other bugs for the rest of the players. (sorry for my english)
Noone does nothing i tried to find a solution for 4 days . You have to delete your character the only solution. Before delete your character , write to support team to get compensation and  all bug or glitch you faced to support team. It tooks 4 days so if u want to solve your problem be fast.

If you want to try your own solutions :

it’s the reddit page that i tried all 17 solutions. Maybe it helps you.
 R* ,  You made tons of good games and i have never seen  that trash game before ; full of  glitches , full of bugs , full of wasting of times. Do you know what is the responsibility of costumer. If you sold something you have to take its responsibility for fixing it. However you don’t give a s*** for players and you don’t take a time for respond for people.  I never thought that R* acts their players like s***. It’s my last R*’s game hereafter. Please don’t even force yourself for new RDR3 , just focus on GTA games that you can only success on your team. You’re tons of noob for multiplayer games.