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Can’t log into Ifruit app

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Hi!I need help.I’ve been noticing in the story mode that you can train chop in a GTA Ifruit app and I tried downloading it a while ago and I had a problem where I couldn’t sign into my account.It said my Password and Username/Email was wrong and I checked my password and even changed it alot of times and the message kept appearing.Today when I tried downloading the app again and signing into my account, this time it said that my account has too many log in attempts which is true, because I tried logging into my account in Ifruit but I’m not sure if it meant that I tried logging in too many times in this site.In that case, no.I sign in succesfully everytime.I also saw some other posts and complains about this and they reset their accounts i guess? Anyway I just wanted to ask if anyone else had this issue and if they found a way to solve it.Anyway, thanks for your time.

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