Cant play online missions. Error: 0x21002001

I have been trying to complete the tutorial for RDR2 Online since release date on PC. I still cannot get passed the horse thief mission. EVERY SINGLE TIME I play it Error: 0x21002001 pops up and kicks me offline. This is absolute garbage that I cannot even play a game that I payed $60 for with my friends. I have tried to reset everything imaginable to try to fix the issue, even made a new character and NOTHING fixes it.

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So how do you fix this


There are two topics and no solution..just your offensive answer. Congratulations

Spamming multiple topics won’t do anything. Also, the joke’s on you. R* doesn’t respond here as this is a COMMUNITY forum where PLAYERS help players solve common issues.

Rockstar do not care, they have your money and if you spend more than 2 hours in game trying to get it to work, they will refuse you a refund.


This problem has been around since RDO was released. Dont expect them to do anything about it. Paid $140 for this game to only be pissed off almost 100% of the time.


Same error here, same mission.My internet connection is ok, but the game still disconnecting.