Can’t put up a camp.

Been trying to set up my camp, hit the button for it, get the location selection/price menu, click the place to put it, and nada.
No confirmation it’s set, doesn’t take any money, nothing.
Tried every location on the list and I have plenty of money to do it.
The only time it worked was the tutorial mission that shows you how to do it.

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I have the same issue…. have made a big report ticket a few months ago.  Still having the same problem!!!!!!  I’m about to give up.
Spend 20 minutes a day trying… not worth the trouble.

If I was playing on pc that would be relevant, but as I said I’m on xbox one s.

If you jerks are too stupid to give an answer then don’t, but stop downvoting the question.
Someone smarter than you might have an answer.