How do I fix error CE-100002-3 on my PS5?

Because of the error CE-100002-3 I have no game updates for my PS5! Now I have 40 downloads hanging and nothing is updating, nothing is installed. Error appears, I press redo and so on in a circle. It turns out that my PS5 is now a brick that can’t download and install anything. Please help!


CE-100002-3 is a very unpleasant problem which causes PS5 to lose some of its functions – the ability to download and update applications. In some cases, the error is solved by updating the console software (from the settings), but often players have to completely reload the problematic content.

To uninstall a particular app, select it on the PS5 title screen, press the settings button (on the controller) and select the uninstall option. After this simple trick, the error shouldn’t bother you anymore. And we can only feel sorry for players with especially big games/apps.

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