CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess in Task Manager – Is That a Virus?

Today I came across CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess. It seemed to me strange, because it is running in multiple copies. It doesn’t consume any system resources, but I am still worried about it. Please tell me if I should be worried about it or am I making a fool of myself?


CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess is a third-party process; it is a component of a wide variety of software. This process is most commonly found in Windows 10 and 11 after installing Razer software such as Cortex or Synapse.

The component itself is responsible for integrating browser functions into the application. Tabs with news, suggestions, the full display of a particular web page – usually the CefSharp subprocess is used for these purposes.

Can CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess be a virus? In theory, yes, it can. If the process uses huge amounts of system resources for its work then antivirus is your best defense. Run a scan of your operating system and check it for viruses and malware.

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