Character appearance change

When the new update came and they included the appearance change,  i did so with the first purchase being free and all, only to have my character bug and look completely different to how i customized him. So the first time it wasn’t a big deal for me, okay ill just try again with paying with 10 gold, only to have my characters appearance once again looking completely different when after the customization.. the second time so…  now the third.. I paid 10 gold once again… and when i looked at all at my features on how i had previously fine tuned my character to look the other times, the game altered it completely differently on it self after I had changed again, im not sure if this is a damn bug, but i pain 20 gold with the character not even looking the way i wanted to because some how  the game changed my settings. Im very disappointed and unsatisfied customer at this point. And for the fourth im gonna pay again.. and let’s see if does the same thing… so altogether i paid 30 gold.. and lets hope the game doesn’t alter my own settings on the fine tune customized the fourth time… because I’m unhappy customer at the moment, and i will keep this updated, i hope you do something to help me rockstar

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I can’t change my characters look it takes me to a loading screen not never ends come on rockstar get your stuff together


Same exact thing happened to me and several my my friends. It basically changes our eyes and our face.

I mean you can change them , but most people are reporting they can not find any setting that will look like they had them at all. Even worse many are saying your character will look one way while editing. But once you save it and go back to in game, it does not “stick” if you will. Thus it looks different even from the last edit you literally just did .

Therefore im not touching mine for a while and hoping they can straighten this stupid mess out.

According to a chat i did with rockstar support. I was told that they “fixed the issues in character creator” in the update wednesday. So according to them , this was intentional and that when we all did our free updates after the major update allowing it , there was supposedly something “wrong” with the character creator then. Many have reported trying to fix their characters back and they can not make them look like they did at all. So basically Rockstar made a change without notifying anyone ( a change NO ONE asked for ) and now we are all just stuck with fat faced players. So dumb.