Character “Face” Problem

This has to do with problems with characters faces after you have finished creating and your character ends up looking completely different. I have been noticing a lot of other people are having this same problem. After your character has been created on the character build screen, you start to notice things in game that you did not add to your character. For instance, I made a female character at the age of the 30. She had no wrinkles or blemishes or scars on her face. She had some eye liner on as well. After logging into the game for the first time, I noticed my character looked almost 60 or 70 years old and the eyeliner was always invisible. The only way to fix the eye liner was going to the barber and buying no eye liner then buying the eye liner I needed again.

Is there any chance in the near future after some kinks and quirks are fixed we can fix our faces? I don’t want to have to go through making another one.

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