Cheaters in Red Dead Redemption online on PS4?

It has always been said that online-cheating on PS4 is not possible. Yet I’ve experienced quite unusual and strange things, most of all in PvP/Take Over-sessions.
I am rank 98 and have almost all weapons, the relevant and suggested cards updated on level 2 (could update to 3 if I had the money), but I still feel like rank 1 when joining the Take Over-sessions or PvP at all.

First of all, no matter what, some other players kill me with just one shot. Most of the time it’s not even a headshot but, for example, a single shot with a Cattleman revolver or sometimes a Bolt Action rifle or a Repeating shotgun.
The opponents are very often rank 4 to rank 28.
And very often, when I get a headshot (despite the card “Never without one” on level 2), it happens while I am combat rolling (or better combat “falling”) with the first shot.Level 4 kills me just so as if I had never played that game, had no cards and as if the other player had aimed at me with a Rolling Block.This also when I am at full health plus the strong tonics.

It also happens often that some players run past me (in real life it would be approx. a meter), don’t even aim but give me a headshot with a Rolling Block – while they are running past me.
They have their rifle at their hip, not even pointing at my direction but shoot me with a headshot.What the hell?

And recently there was this level 12 player I shot multiple times. Headshots, Pump Action rifle, Spingfield rifle, two pistols at once, semi-automatic rifle, Bolt Action… it just didn’t matter, this player wasn’t even slightly hurt. But then he turned around and shot me with a Cattleman while I was on tonics and in full health. It wasn’t a headshot.This player had 30 kills at the end of the battle.
I told him that he was cheating but he only responded that he just had good cards.
Good cards at rank 12 that make him invincible and makes him killing others in such impossibe ways…
No way.

And what about those, no matter what rank, that just can’t be killed by at least 5 dynamit explosives?
And what about those 2 players I’ve encountered that give me headshots with a Bolt Action while I am behind a house, a stone walled house and they are so far away that even a sniper couldn’t reach me?Shooting through walls from a distance that is impossible, not matter what. Through solid walls.

Often, when there are one or two of those players in a session I can’t even make just one kill. Instead I am killed up to 15 times in a row.

I have played GTA online for 5 years and I’m not new at this. Yet I am concluding those  PvP like a rank 1 player.

Yesterday there was this guy who was indeed invisible. During the waiting period before the Take Over starts and during the session. Several players voted him out, yet he stayed and killed while being invisible.
Last week there was this “Petit”-somewhat guy who started the Take Over with rank 28. While waiting for the next one he suddenly was at rank 236. And during the next session he was rank 185. All that within just a few minutes. How is that even possible?

And last but not least there are some players I can’t auto-aim at in the Take Over sessions.

In free roam I have encountered three players, two of them almost 30 ranks below me, who shot me all the time while I was in defensive mode.
One shot dead.
They, on the other hand, weren’t even injured by explosives.

Nobody can tell me that cheating on PS4 is not possible.

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