CLR20R3 when running Windows 10 and Windows 11 apps

I have been getting a CLR20R3 error on several apps on my PC. The error code is just below in the window, in the event name line (in detail). I’m working with Windows 10, not the latest build.

Nothing seems to have changed, everything used to work just fine, but now nothing works. At least, nothing that I really need. I’m more or less computer literate, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the system is missing and why these programs won’t run.

Has anyone encountered such an error? Admittedly, the code looks kind of weird and completely unfamiliar. Please, help me to get rid of it.


The CLR20R3 error, despite its atypical ID code, is a fairly common problem that occurs when running all kinds of applications on Windows 10 and Windows 11. There are several quite typical fixes.

  • Run the application in compatibility mode. For starters, try it with past versions of Windows, such as XP or “seven”. If it is an extremely outdated application, you can set it to 98 or even 95.
  • Completely reinstall the distributed .NETFramework libraries. Uninstall the sets of libraries you have on your PC through the Control Panel, then use the following link to install everything back. Alternatively, you can try to restore the integrity of the .NETFramework in the uninstall box. However, we still recommend that you do a complete reinstall.
  • Reactivating the .NETFramework components. In “Programs and Components” on the left side of the window you can see the section “Enabling and disabling Windows components” – go to it. Deactivate components .NETFramework 3.5 and .NETFramework 4.8. Reboot your PC and then enable the deactivated components.
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