Collectible proximity sound

So i barely started the collector role and i noticed that the proximity sound doesn’t work properly. It works for cards and flowers but not with heirlooms. Also with flowers, after i pick up the lower the sounds doesn’t disappear. I don’t know if it’s working as intended or not. Also it seems that the proximity sound may be blocked if i have the metal detector out.

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Proximity sound definitely bugged. When i reloaded the game it found something in the search area. But at one flower the sound worked normally, heard when close and stopped after i picked the plant. But at another didn’t trigger at all, at least the yellow sprinkles were visible enough. Inconsistent at best

this collector role! It doesn’t worth the 15 gold. Running around in the search area shown by the collector map and see or hear nothing. The mechanic sucks.
Animal tracks and yellow sprinkles are barely visible and when looking for collectibles it brings nothing new. Collector skills my ass…
Tracking mechanic must be made for PC better. Even normal treasure map is difficult to find without a controller.