Common bugs/glitches in RDO and things R* should add

Alright so, there’s many bugs/glitches right now
First of all, connection issues, joining lobby’s, starting a new lobby, joining your friends etc
People disconnecting randomly or the game just shutting down
Then the posse, you can’t kick someone out of your persistant posse to let someone else join which makes it full all the time if you have 7 people who already joined
There’s no way to make more room other than abandoning your own posse and re-purchasing it
Then there’s still the female to male horse bug
We also have the bug where when too many people at once collect something the horse freezes and for some this doesn’t fix easily
There’s also some sound glitches idk when or how it’s triggered
After ordering a resupply for trader it never arrives untill you join a new session
Music keeps looping even hours after the encounter
Moonshine missions wont start for the leader but they will for the members
Players phasing out and not visible even though they are in the same session
Graphics card error in saint denis > ERR_GFX_STATE
Amber Champagne Fox Trotter should have grey nose/eyes instead of making it look like an infection

-Add homes and stables we can buy and enter/customize
-Add wagons we can buy like cars on gta and also customize them
-Rather than adding breeds with specific colors to the levels
add horses in different breeds with different stats and let us pick the coats etc
-Add saddle customization (colors etc)
-Add bridle customization
-Add English saddles/bridles
-Add more tack for the chest etc
-Add actual horseshoes for more speed or something
-More haircuts/clothes
-Being able to ride bareback!!

Thanks for reading 🙂 Hope you consider fixing and/or adding

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