Crash loading into Story / Online

I have tried just about every work around possible; yet, nothing has worked. the game loads fine into the main menu and I am able to tweak settings and browse the menu options; however, when I press play it loads through a few pictures in the loading process and then crashes to desktop with the error Red Dead Redemption 2 has exited unexpectedly (I expect it every time now) I have yet to even get into the game past that of the main menu. I have above the minimum requirements so I do not see what the issue is.

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Feel better now? If you think they will see this, you are sadly mistaken.

Like D*A*M*N* Rockstar are you really this greedy that you have to throw this trash out every port over to pc? Do ya’ll hate PC gamers that much?


to repost due to the censorship Fix Your F*U*C*K*I*N*G***S*H*I*T  Game


Rockstar needs to fix their ***ing *** now!!! cant even get refunded due to steam’s bull*** refund policy

The tech support doesn’t even acknowledge my case.