Cripps & New Trader Career Mission Starter Bug

Started the Trader career by reading Cripps letter and meeting him at the general store in Valentine.  Watched the cutscene and collected the wagon from the 2 NPCs. Was driving the wagon back to base when I got another server disconnect. On logging back in, there wasn’t a way to relaunch the supply wagon mission.

Re – read the letter which said to go see Cripps at my camp. But there wasn’t anyway to talk to him to restart the supply start up mission once I got there. How do you re start the supply mission? Has anyone had this bug issue?

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Not yet mate, but apart from this forum I have no way to contact them so I’m not hoping too much. I just pray it will someday unf*ck itself, maybe after an update?
If you ever solve that bug, send your solution this way ! Will do the same.

I read the damn letter and restarted the game countless times, tried to start directly by selecting trader from the main menu, checked under equipment in Wilderness Outfitters at the camp, I can’t find a way to purchase the butcher table !
Rockstar help please !

Even I reloaded the game I cannot find any clue to start the trader

Fuxk it

Ok. It was just a glitch/bug. Reloaded the game again and the option to get supplies from Cripps pops up.