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Cripps & New Trader Career Mission Starter Bug

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Started the Trader career by reading Cripps letter and meeting him at the general store in Valentine.  Watched the cutscene and collected the wagon from the 2 NPCs. Was driving the wagon back to base when I got another server disconnect. On logging back in, there wasn’t a way to relaunch the supply wagon mission.

Re – read the letter which said to go see Cripps at my camp. But there wasn’t anyway to talk to him to restart the supply start up mission once I got there. How do you re start the supply mission? Has anyone had this bug issue?

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  1. I read the damn letter and restarted the game countless times, tried to start directly by selecting trader from the main menu, checked under equipment in Wilderness Outfitters at the camp, I can’t find a way to purchase the butcher table !
    Rockstar help please !

    Even I reloaded the game I cannot find any clue to start the trader

    Fuxk it

    Ok. It was just a glitch/bug. Reloaded the game again and the option to get supplies from Cripps pops up.

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  2. Not yet mate, but apart from this forum I have no way to contact them so I’m not hoping too much. I just pray it will someday unf*ck itself, maybe after an update?
    If you ever solve that bug, send your solution this way ! Will do the same.

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