CS:GO Not Launching – How to Fix

Help, my CS:GO not launching! Usually, I don’t play these games, but I decided to give it a try. All my friends are stuck in it – I thought I would try it too. A have a couple of other games in my Steam library, but they seemed to run fine. My PC is not great, yeah, but it will definitely run any game prior to 2018 just fine, and therefore, and CSGO should work as well.


“CS:GO not launching” is a very vague description of the problem. We would like to have some specifics. Let’s assume that you meant the following scenario: you installed CS:GO, opened its page in the library with games, pressed the “Play” button, but nothing happened.

Unfortunately, in this situation, we can only recommend a list of general solutions:

  • restart the PC;
  • update your video card drivers;
  • install pending Windows updates;
  • reinstall the game completely;
  • disable antivirus (even system antivirus).

Usually something from the above, so to speak, quickly brings CS:GO to its senses, and it starts to run normally.

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