Current list of bugs I’ve seen in The Wild Eight

Here goes: This is all for MULTIPLAYER games. Bugs encountered by multiple people.

  • Storing items in the shelter will sometimes, for unknown reason, lose the items as you pack the shelter back up.**Another player pointed out that the loss of items occurs when you’re switching back and forth between a workbench and shelter that the loss of items occurs***
  • Sometimes, Blizzards will chain happen with short pauses in between them.
  • Food consumption needs to be looked at.
  • Game-made buildings do not increase cold levels, but at the same time do not allow fires to be built. Means, you gradually go into freezing and death inside buildings.
  • Shelter doesn’t increase cold levels even though it should, due to using 20wood 5rock to sleep so you make a fire and there’s smoke coming out of it.
  • Hunting skillpoints keep adding even though you have nowhere to put them into.
  • Since the “hotfix”. loading saved games has been a pain
  • Durability of higher level harvesting items doesn’t actually look to be much better.
  • Sometimes, trying to start a fire will waste as much resources as making one.
  • Tendon extraction mastery isn’t really needed. Leather mastery would be better since you need more of it and you get much less.
  • Traps can sometimes not be picked up as you walk over them
  • Sometimes when exiting game-made structures, there’s going to be a thick layer of fog in the world you can’t see through.
  • In game lobbies, can’t see what other players are typing
  • Sometimes, opening containers will freeze your character as if you’re looking into the chest, but there’s no chest items to be seen. pressing Escape key fixes that at times.
  • Killing rabbits gives MUTANT claws, instead of Rabbit claws. No recipe for crafting MUTANT battle claws.
  • Reloading a game on a previous location where wolf was, spawns that particular wolf / which then ambushes you like a champ.
  • Killing wildlife with a bow and arrows doesn’t seem to produce anything other than meat
  • Chain blizzards ffs, come on, this is tottally unrealistic
  • Sometimes, items dropping from wildlife will bounce high into the air to another screen.
  • At times, when dying, all dropped items will respawn at the plane but in the air.

General problems:

  • Music still plays on title screen even with music turned off.
  • No way to repair items`\

Current things I’d like added:

  • A way to revive players in multiplayer
  • Some sort of shield added that you can carry in one hand
  • Heatstones
  • More options for health recovery
  • Ability to place bait on traps
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