Help me to fix D3DCompiler_47.dll error

Help me to get rid of D3DCompiler_47.dll error! Please! Most of my game catalog simply refuses to launch. It all started when I reinstalled Windows. I’m on Windows 10, for the record, if it’s important. Before that, I was using Windows 8 and everything was fine, but once I installed Windows 10, that’s it, nothing works. Do I have a weak PC or what? i5 3570 and GTX 1060 is a budget build, yes, but still.


The D3DCompiler_47.dll file is part of the distributed DirectX libraries. And if this library is not on the user’s computer, for example, as in your case, then he will come across errors about its absence when running certain applications.

You need to download DirectX web-installer from Microsoft official site and run installation of latest libraries of this API on your computer. As soon as you do that, the missing DLL file error will disappear – guaranteed.

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