Daily Challenges Streak Disappeared

I’m made it my goal to reach max completion for the daily challenges streak and I never missed a day. I was at day 23 yesterday and I get on today with day 1. Absolutely unacceptable and I’m completely discouraged to play from now on. If anyone can help please reply.

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I have lost my 27 day streak 🙁 ===================== i had a 8/7 day streak now its reset again to 1/7 very sucky i feel like this is a glitch or somthing rockstar please help ===================== And now i lost my 28/28 streak today even though I did my challenge on the 6 of december. ===================== Lost my weekly challenge today. I had something like  60 days/28 days and now i am back to 1/7. Thank’s for the good joke rockstar but now i would like to get it back please. ======================= Fix the camp setup =========== Lost my 83… Read more »