“Defensive playing styles ” need to improve !!!

Hey,you guys. I write this message is not for complain BUGs,because I know you guys will fixed them sooner or later. But i have to make some suggestions for the “Defensive playing styles ”,becase that will affect the development direction of game mechanism.
Fisrt of all, “ cannot be lassoed, melee attacked, executed or targeted with auto-aim” but can be hurted !?  why? why don’t just make “Defensive playing styles ” get a immune shield?because you guys would not like to isolate PVE and PVP ,but also have to satisfy the wishes of PVE players!So you designed this “Defensive playing styles” is neither fish nor fowl.
The second,how to protect friendly players?you guys won’t provide a single PVE service,because you would not like to isolate PVE and PVP.So why do not use the bounty system to deal it? Link the Bounty System and prison, arrest warrant of super high bounty be able to frighten most of hostile players off.(i know you guys have planed something about the prison,because players unable to try to go near by around there until now)
The third,you guys know the ”RDROnline“ story’s background is around 1899s.So in this game unable to provide a lot of interesting “big toy” for Gamers to collect same like Super sports car, private jet.So how to keep players enthusiastic? Just give the player a reason to fight.Whatever the reason to fight,the rival camps is essential.
So in the end, let‘s forget about that “cannot be lassoed, melee attacked, executed or targeted with auto-aim” ok?that’s real stupid,fight between the Defensive Players just look like battle among the weak,no one can precision shot each others.
Relieve the restrict please!Use the soft rules to regulate and control,induce the Sandbox environment to development is more better then hard rules.

I’m looking forward to receiving your reply

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