Dev suggestion: Auction house event ( not player vs player trading )

Hello, its hard find contact to suggest something for game, so I hope some developer will read my post.

Maybe this idea was discussed while development, but Auction House is not rlly something what is so beneficial for story mode as can be for Online mode.

Why Auction house?
– Its something what can everybody associate to Wild West.

How Can Auction house looks like?
– Will be best if it will be timed event, where players will be invated.
– Only few items per Auction will be sold, players will bit fixed amount to outbit others players in short period of time.. Who will pay most will win.
– It can have few categories:
   Horses and Vehicles
   Mysterious box(like Storage Auctions show in tv) Auctioned will be some type of lost items or things after people who died…  After won, player can open box and find random item, food, drinks, gold nuggets etc.. (yes loot boxes, but not pay to win, you can buy most of the items for gold bars anyway)

Where will be Auction house?
-Will be best have few places on map, based on type of current Auction, Horses and Vehicles for example next to lifestocks, Valentine where we finished quest and sell stolen sheeps… etc..

-Will be best to use only gold bars, so RockStar have motivation do AuctionHouse and possible sell more bars for real money.

Motivation to buy something in AH ?
-Item what can be in auction can be season specific, or unique only for AH, custom weapons.

Thank you, I hope that someone from Dev team will see this , and maybe one day we will ahve some variation of AH.

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