Disconnection Error 0x30005001

Disconnection Error 0x30005001

I get disconnected from online every hour without fail, sometimes twice or more an hour. The game is unplayable as I can’t use the butcher either. When I try to use the butcher I can’t sell anything and then shortly after the disconnect happens. Please help. I have a wired fibre connection. I have tried port mapping. It doesn’t help. I’m playing with friends who have worse internet connections with no problems.

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We have a Support article that may help with that. Please see: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/articles/115015433528


Não consigo entrar já faz 4 dias por conta desse erro, é um desrespeito com os players !


Que porcaria de serviço da Rockstar, as pessoas pagam o jogo, pagam para jogar online e estes não se preocupam com os servidores super fracos que estão sempre a cair.. Rockstar é uma merda nos servidores


Quando a Rockstar vai tomar vergonha e corrigir os inúmeros problemas do jogo, se não é um erro é outro que aparece, o jogo está todo problemático, no momento nao consigo logar de modo algum, já tentei logar através de todas as opções disponíveis e sempre o mesmo erro ocorre. Erro: 0x30005001

Sério que eu me sinto lesado, fui enganado pela Rockstar. Gostaria que o suporte fizesse o seu trabalho, ou então a devolução dos valores à todos os usuários que não conseguem jogar online, que não são poucos.

Aguardo algum posicionamento.

More like R*’s stupid lobby split and rejoin garbage kicking you compared to GTA on ps3 this is way worse with lobby splitting which my friends will stay running mine crashes where they joined on me, then all of the sudden they 3-8 people around them…


I tried reboot as well it never worked, they said L1 and R1 after the first quick picture similar to gta with aftyer the bikini woman holding the baphomet peace sign at first. Mine messes up at the butcher and also the butcher is completely covered in blood oddly. Also, I have the original PS4 and while recording screencaptures for youtube, it totally died. It said there wasn’t enough room on my hard drive to run rd2 so you should make sure you have enough room. I had to delete The Last Of Us, game saves are saved automatically in a seperate section.


Hi Lukas, thanks for the swift response. I am trying to clear my cache but I don’t seem to be successful. When should I hold L1+R1. Immediately after booting the game? After the first illustration? Should the language and brightness calibration appear if i’m successful? I’ve tried a lot with no way of knowing if it worked.