How To Get A Free Copy Of Dishonored: Definitive Edition?

The guys on the forum said that they’re giving away a free copy of Dishonored, and some kind of improved one. It seems that Epic Games is giving it away. I try to stay away from their store for personal reasons. But I played the sequel, loved it, and now I’m thinking of picking up the free original.

My question: is Dishonored being given away for free with absolutely no catch? No need to sign up or register anywhere?


You can pick up your free copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition in the Epic Games store right now! The promotion will last until January 5, 2023. Simply put, you only have a few days left. No one’s forcing anyone to sign up for anything: you can subscribe to the newsletters from the developer of the free game if you want.

To get Dishonored: Definitive Edition from Epic Games Store, you should firstly register on the site by any convenient way, and secondly, be ready to use VPN. The owners of the platform can impose some restrictions on the residents of certain regions of the planet.

After registering on the Epic Games Store, go to the game page and click on the “Get” button. Uncheck the box for the publisher’s newsletter, if you do not want to receive it, and click “Checkout”. Wait until the transaction is completed and the game is added to your personal EGS game library. Next, you need to download the store launcher and download the game to your computer with it.

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