How to fix dxgi.dll error when launching games

So, I was trying to play some games on my PC, but the dxgi.dll error got in the way. It’s a brand new desktop, queit expansive actually, and I cannot play games on it, ’cause… ? Don’t really understand the issue. Had been using Windows 7 for a while, and decided to jump outo Windows 11 hype wagon, so to speak. Every time I’m lauching games I see a little window with a messege “failed to start because dxgi.dll was not found” or something like that. Any tips?


A dxgi.dll file error is a common problem for gamers on many different versions of Windows. The error message indicates that there is no DLL file required to start and run the application. To get rid of the dxgi.dll file error, the user usually needs to install the current distributed DirectX API libraries. You can do this from the following link. In some cases it might be necessary to reinstall the application itself, since it is unable to properly interact with the specified DLL-file.

Please do not download dxgi.dll from unknown sources and add it to the System32 folder. It is extremely dangerous!

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