DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG Error in Apex Legends

DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG error appears when starting Apex Legends. It’s been a long time since I started the game, 2-3 months exactly, and now I can’t start it. PC running Win10 with an ok hardware. Any tips?


DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG in Apex Legends usually appears in two cases:

  • outdated video drivers
  • overclocked graphics card frequencies.

To update your video drivers, use the links below:

If you have recently overclocked your graphics card, bring its frequencies back to the factory values. After that the problem will be solved by itself. It is guaranteed.

It is important to understand that some graphics cards are overclocked by the manufacturer. In 99 cases out of 100 everything will be fine, even if the overclocked graphics card is technically unstable, but Apex Legends could be that 1 case.

Run MSI Afterburner and lower the core and bus frequencies by 25MHz. You don’t need more than that. Save the changes and run Apex Legends. DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG error should disappear.

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