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Economy is Bad in red dead online

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How does an apple costs more money than a diamond gold ring and all the other jewellery?

In the crazy economy of Red Dead Online, baked beans are more valuable than gold rings baked beans are so expensive like why?

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  1. I have been thinking that people are judging too quickly and not looking at long term progression when it comes to the in game economy. However, I have not seen your specific view. It is annoying that that is the case. I have read that a gun that was originally $35 in this time period, is being sold for $1000 in game. Some of it is strange.

    I think the in-game economy is fair, since this would make it harder for bunch of griefers and kids to stop wasting time killing other players when they couldn’t have that much to afford ammo, foods or medicine quickly and kill more players with amount of ridiculous payout in-game cash. I’m glad Rockstar Games has learned their mistake from GTA Online with large payout, because of how much griefers make after missions then go on killing spreed in online. So in fact, the in-game economy is seem to be more fair for me.

    The Red Dead Online beta, of course is a new title which is make it harder for players to griefing other players so they won’t have much money to buy more ammo for random killing other players. Because my husband got tired of getting killed 3 times by 3 different random jerk players who just shot him while he got out of saloon after drinking beer. So this could help force the jerk players to join missions and participating with other players making money, and stop wasting time killing random players who mind their own business doing Strangers Mission in free roam.

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