Why my Elden Ring stutters and how to fix it

My Elden Ring statters, and at times quite badly. So badly that I get killed – not only by real players, but also by regular NPCs. Tried updating video drivers, BIOS, installing Windows updates. Nothing helped, the game still lags. Please help, I paid quite a lot of money for the game.


Elden Ring statters for a lot of players – it’s easy to see this by looking at the posts on the thematic forums. After numerous patches the performance has been improved, but the problem has not disappeared. Statters, lags, low FPS – all these issues are still present in the game.

As we can see, you have already done some potential fixes: updating videodrivers, installing Windows updates. You even updated your BIOS, though it wasn’t necessary. Is there anything else you can do?

  • Move the game to an SSD drive, if possible.
  • Close all the background programs that put a lot of stress on the system.
  • Make sure that you have installed the latest patch for your game (for users under the black flag).
  • Reduce graphics settings to medium or even minimum, especially lower the resolution.
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