How to Fix ‘Failed to load engine2.dll’ Error in Dota 2?

I launched Dota 2, but instead of a game I saw the Failed to load engine2.dll error. Having searched the Internet a little bit, I realized that the problem is not new. Did not find any clear answer (I guess I’m dumb). Please tell me how to fix this thing.


To fix Failed to load engine2.dll error when launching Dota 2 just check the integrity of the game files in the Steam client or reinstall the game completely.

  • Open your game library;
  • right-click on Dota 2 and choose Properties;
  • go to the Local Files tab;
  • click the Check integrity of game files button;
  • wait until the check completes and restore corrupted files (if any);
  • run Dota 2 to check.
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