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error 0x20010006

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I receive this ‘error 0x20010006’ reference at least 2-3 times every time i play online sometimes more …very annoying and frustrating as it usually happens when im trying to further my trade roles … lost count of lost pelts/carcasses etc… also if i try to restart cripps moves the camp and i cant set up again until at least 15/20 mins into a new session …are these issues connected in some way? …..thanks in advance

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  1. Best part is, A Bunch of players keep having this problem over, and over again and yet Rockstar Does Nothing…. what do they do if u send them a ticket they say “Oh try restaarting the game” ….Alright  so if i have a broken glass and water won’t stay in it does refilling it MAke it WORK!?? WTF Rockstar… a company tht makes great games But ***ty Servers…, we’ve been hving this issue since day 1, and yet, a year has passed and NOTHING seems to FIX IT.


    I’ve been having this problem since day one of beta to now support just can’t help at all

    Same and it is so frustrating

    I am having the exactly same issue since yesterday! Sometimes I play 20 min sometimes 3 min and server kicks me out!
    Everyone has any idea how to solve this?

    Hi. Iam having the same issue. My best yet is 25 times kicked out of a 2hour period i Can’t explain how frustrated and angry i am. I have tried 7 or 8 times to submit a ticket. I think if this continues i will stop playing RRD2 online. R*  need to sort this and soon. Mike

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