error 0x20010006

I receive this ‘error 0x20010006’ reference at least 2-3 times every time i play online sometimes more …very annoying and frustrating as it usually happens when im trying to further my trade roles … lost count of lost pelts/carcasses etc… also if i try to restart cripps moves the camp and i cant set up again until at least 15/20 mins into a new session …are these issues connected in some way? …..thanks in advance

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Best part is, A Bunch of players keep having this problem over, and over again and yet Rockstar Does Nothing…. what do they do if u send them a ticket they say “Oh try restaarting the game” ….Alright  so if i have a broken glass and water won’t stay in it does refilling it MAke it WORK!?? WTF Rockstar… a company tht makes great games But ***ty Servers…, we’ve been hving this issue since day 1, and yet, a year has passed and NOTHING seems to FIX IT. =========================== I’ve been having this problem since day one of beta to… Read more »