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error 0x20010006 makes this unplayable

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every time i finish a mission and sometimes just because, this error logs me out, fix this
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  1. Nunca pude jugar al RDR 2 Online, es el peor juego que he jugado de Rockstar, todos los juegos Online que tengo los puedo jugar normal pero este no, y no les interesa solucionar este problema, lo compre al juego unos días desde que salió, feliz pensando que podría jugar bien ya que era un juego muy esperado, pero me decepcionó, nunca volveré a comprar un juego de Rockstar, compren juegos de Ubisoft o cualquier otro que es mucho mejor, y funcionan mejor, LADRONES, A LA MIERDA ROCKSTAR.


    This whole thing is a mess. Why is it that certain players can play perfectly fine, but others are kicked. It happens to me on GTA V aswell.


    Can we please start a lawsuit because I am also tired of the bs from these AAA game devs
    The problem is they only care about one game doing well. We all know what it is. Seems to be an all the eggs in one basket type of company. I think they are to much of a cold hearted money drivin company than a company that relates to gamers. I played the beta with absolutely no problems on Xbox 1 when RDR2 first came out. The Xbox took a crap (the 2nd console to do that) so many, many  months later I bought a PS4. RDR2 online was out of beta and it barely worked and it got worse and worse and believe it or not even worse to the point it won’t even load all the before I get the infamous error code happens at 80% every time. Have gone through all the fixes still nothing have a good connection to the internet so that’s not the issue. I can’t understand why Rockstar won’t wake up and realize how much money they could by fixing the issue so everyone can play problem free with no kicks or crashes. The story mode is badass and the online form the little I was able to play is badass. Just wish they cared about the people who love the game and obviously want to play the online part.
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