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Error 0x20010006 WTF ROCKSTAR\

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TWICE I’ve turned in complaints about losing hundreds of dollars and hours of grinding time because my game crashed with error 0x20010006 just as I was about to complete a sale. I get an auto reply that tells me to post my problem in the appropriate board. Well WTF is the appropriate board? That’s OBVIOUSLY a server error – it says so right on it. Anyone had any luck dealing with this crap or getting any kind of damned reply from Rockstar?

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  1. nothing! the told me to contact Xfinity, they have no answer for this!
    they are quite happy to release new content to sell in-game currency to those the game works occasionally for but ir you are one of the Thousands this error ruins the experience for they don’t seem to give a ***. disgracefull!

    I have exactly the same problem


    Tambem to Com esse erro jogo 5 minutos e cai não aguento mais isso quem puder ajudar seria bom


    I found a fix yesterday night cuz i noticed on mine, i usually got the error after the game stalled (i figured it was server lag), but today when i checked to try and help a friend, they changed the whole support ticket! and now i cant even use the fix they offer, because i have an AMD 4 core, and the fix they have now is only for Nvidia! This is the old fix before today, the fix still MOSTLY works, but not as well as last night and for those with Invidia heres their current fix


    This is a bad joke for a AAA-Game. Diconnecting all times with error code 0x20010006. We play all online games from other Dev-Studios without an disconnect. sad, very sad – rock* knows the problem since the release and doesnt bring a fix or give a statement. this was the last game from rock* for me. i will get a refund.lasonyahorrocks* get a handfull dollars in your hand and use the AWS- or MS Azure-Services to host the server – that will works fine.

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