Error 0x20010006 WTF ROCKSTAR\

TWICE I’ve turned in complaints about losing hundreds of dollars and hours of grinding time because my game crashed with error 0x20010006 just as I was about to complete a sale. I get an auto reply that tells me to post my problem in the appropriate board. Well WTF is the appropriate board? That’s OBVIOUSLY a server error – it says so right on it. Anyone had any luck dealing with this crap or getting any kind of damned reply from Rockstar?

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nothing! the told me to contact Xfinity, they have no answer for this! they are quite happy to release new content to sell in-game currency to those the game works occasionally for but ir you are one of the Thousands this error ruins the experience for they don’t seem to give a ***. disgracefull! ================================================== I have exactly the same problem =================================================== Tambem to Com esse erro jogo 5 minutos e cai não aguento mais isso quem puder ajudar seria bom =================================================== I found a fix yesterday night cuz i noticed on mine, i usually got the error after the… Read more »