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error 0x20010006

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getting this error and is basically not able to play online. ive portforwarded and so on but no avail. how can I solve this? and there is no way to reach support for this particular matter either

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  1. I have the same problem so I typed to support. 3hrs later they said that problem is solved so I open a game and 20seconds later game crushed with  )x20010006 😀


    I am still having this problem and if I am trying to involve any act this error pops up. don’t know what is actually happening. I am from India any Indian is witnessing this problem then please share with me and I you guys have any solution please let me know.


    Estou com esse mesmo problema, o tempo inteiro eu caio da sessão online por causa desse erro. Está impossível de jogar!!


    This is the same issue they had been going on since launch. I have done everything I can. Port forwarding, direct connection to modem, clear MAC on Xbox. I spent all my gold on the Outlaw Pass and trader job to constantly lose progress and get kicked. What else can I do?!


    Absolutely everytime I try to load the game today i have gotten the error 0x20010006, it hasnt let me play for even a second today. What do I do to fix it?!?!

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